When we have an abundance of something, we just don’t know what to do with it. Isn’t that right? Chances are, your new spacious home at Avaanti Residences will compel you to rethink your interior décor plans. Why? Because these spacious homes give you the opportunity to test your dream décor and save room for more. Luxury homes at Avaanti Residences are designed to give you a feel of openness and yet allow spaces to install modern décor units. So, what are the best practises to keep in mind while planning out the interiors of your spacious home?

Here are the top 4 tips for anyone who is setting out to furnish their homes and wants to utilise the space effectively.

While your mind and your research give you hundreds of ideas, it is in your best interest to keep it simple. The effortlessness that comes out of a simple décor is just the classy interiors you want to create at Avaanti. You can mix your interior décor with accent pieces such as a tall lamp, some wall art, and centrepieces to breathe life into the ambience. But while you shop, remember, less is more. Do not over-furnish. Yes, that’s a thing.

The problem we see with interiors is that sometimes it becomes too overwhelming and heavy to handle. This hinders the spacious persona of your luxury home. Let there be ample light reflecting across the surfaces, and maintain the interior design lines while placing your furniture. This is an overarching tip which should apply not only to the lavish homes at Avaanti Residences but to all homes in general.

What is the first thing you do when you enter a home? You find a place to sit. It is the first interaction you have with a new place. Creating a good seating arrangement is central to a premium indoor experience. How can you be innovative yet classy with your seating décor? Explore the multiple fabrics and textures. Experiment with different colour combinations that go with your walls to make your décor project more fun. Ensure that you have pillows and cushions of multiple sizes. They become an immediate hit and draw all the attention towards them. Fabrics like velvet, suede, or linen go best with a classy ambience.

The best interior décor practise of the day is to allow as much natural light as possible to brighten up the house. Sober colours on reflecting surfaces make that possible. Tall lamps and wall lights are in style today to make smart use of space while enabling modern lighting in your luxury home. Ceiling, floor, and table lamps are also quality additions that contribute to the beautification of the indoors. It is important to keep in mind to have only a single colour of lighting which mingles with the walls and décor pieces. At most, one can add another accent shade to bring variation, depending on the mood of the interior.

What adds a tasteful flavour to your interior experience? An exquisite decorative carpet! A beautiful rug or carpet placed under the furniture can define the décor lines, which constructs symmetry and contributes to the comfort of the mind. Area rugs are also a smart way to capture the essence of a location and add a luxe vibe to the space. Visit your favourite rug store and experiment with some of the fine variety of rugs that go along with the wall décor and reflect the mood of your home. There is a lot that can be experimented with here. 

Avaanti Residences is a spacious luxury home project that embodies the pure essence of a lavish lifestyle. With multiple amenities to uplift your life and strategic positioning to offer the best geographical advantage, Avaanti Residences is your go-to destination for your new home. But to make it truly feel like your comfort space, you have to add your personal touch. These tips offer the best way in which your personal touch bodes with the Avaanti homes.