Here’s a question for you. Has our definition of luxury changed in the recent times? Do we consider a wider variety of aspects before identifying it as a luxury commodity or a property, than we used to? The answer is a definite yes, and ABIL group’s luxurious projects in Pune recognize that, which is why we have many added boons that go with the luxury apartments. Luxury is more than the ambience; it is more spacious homes and longitudinal amenities because everyone seems to have it now. What you need and expect is to have latitudinal amenities, the luxury that soars the skies and at the same time, remains connected to the essential touchpoints of the region. What you need is a notch higher apartment that gives you beyond the traditional sense of luxury. ABIL Group’s Avaanti Residences was unveiled to fulfil just that undying need. 

In the times of latitudinal luxury, Avaanti Residences ensures that you experience what others only dream of. With spacious luxury apartments, there’s always the need to offer quality amenities that match the lifestyle of the luxury ecosystem. To surpass that expectation, Avaanti Residences have their very own landscape podium and clubhouse where the residents can get the best of recreation and necessity within touching distance. Also, powered with top-notch security and a swimming pool for the residents to let loose or practice their backstrokes, the destination becomes a safe haven to be yourself right in the middle of the city. If that isn’t a notch higher lifestyle in a notch higher apartment, then what is?

In the competitive age of luxury apartments, and the crunch of space, how do you offer something unique? The lavish flats in Pune’s Tilak Road area are a testament to our dedicated service and upholding of the promise to deliver unmatched luxury. Avaanti Residences not only deliver the nuanced luxury experience, but have also contributed to redefining urban luxury living. Being positioned at the heart of Pune city, Avaanti gives you richness of city culture with the flavour of exotic lifestyle, all at one destination. 

As it is often agreed upon, that convenience and luxury isn’t only in what you have but also in where you have it. And what better a place can be called convenient than at the centre of all of the city’s life and highlights? The notch-higher apartments at Tilak Road are spacious homes for luxury dwellers and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, in-built swimming pool, clubhouse, and exotic lifestyles connected to the essence of the city. Avaanti Residences connects with the Pune airport, which resides only 11 kms from the property. The old Pune-Mumbai Highway is only 2 kms away if you are looking for a quick getaway without the hassles of a traffic. The A. W. Moledine School is less than a kilometre away for your child to have a safe and traffic-proof journey to the best educational experience. The unmatched connectivity offered by the luxurious projects in Pune is a remarkable example of how luxury has advanced towards something more than just amenities.