A home nestled in modern amenities elevates your every day with a positive mindset. Essential healthful amenities and the refreshing aura of your home keep you healthy. While choosing your home, you must focus on many aspects that help upkeep your wellbeing. With today’s lifestyle and chaotic schedule, there is very little time for yourself. But at Avaanti, you will enjoy living a comfortable and healthful life in a true sense. Modern lifestyle amenities at Avaanti will upscale your health quotient.

Amenities at Avaanti Residences help you stay fresh and healthy every day.

  • Green Space
    Green space is the perfect high-end amenity for city-dwelling residents. Avaanti offers a beautiful garden where you can relax. Your health, your frame of mind is refreshed with the peaceful environment at Avaanti. It is a perfect place for residents to breathe in fresh air after spending a day indoors. These gardens let you bask in the rays of the sun, walk barefoot on the grass and feel the nature below your feet. It is one of the most relaxing therapies of the hour.
  • Walking Track
    Walking is one of the effective and healthful activities that keep you healthy 24*7. In this hustle- bustle of daily routine, it has become essential to stay fit. Keeping this fact in mind, Avaanti gives you a walking track. After having a hectic day, you can take a walk on this track and stretch your feet. Plus, you can take out some time to have light-hearted talks with your friends and family.
  • Swimming Pool
    A swimming pool is great for those who want to stay in shape without hitting the treadmill. It’s the most fun-filled activity to spend quality time with your family. A swimming pool is a  valuable amenity for families and those who want to get tan by the water without going anywhere. Having a swimming pool can help you gain muscle strength.
  • Game room and lounge
    A casual game is a great way for residents to build community. In this cozy area, residents can play indoor games or simply watch TV with friends. Ultimately, this high-end amenity is worth it as it upholds community building!
  • Multipurpose
    Having a well-equipped multipurpose hall in your society is the way you can ensure your wellbeing. To fulfill your wishes, Avaanti gives a multipurpose hall where you can host fitness classes, yoga sessions or any other activity that keeps your mind, heart and soul healthy.
  • Gym
    A well-equipped gym at Avaanti will motivate you to indulge in exercises and keeps you healthy physically and mentally.
  • Rooftop Deck
    Rooftop deck is iconic when it comes to high-end amenities and is a huge perk. This enchanting rooftop will have a pool, lounge chairs, and plenty of comfortable seating. Enjoy the place where you will love to soak in the sunshine whilst enjoying a great view of the city.